In Kenya

I took this picture taken in Kariobangi
that is poorest village in Kenya.
I love their sunny-side smile even though
their condition for life in not good.


Jane_Austen said...

I'm so glad to meet you in another blogosphere. Korean arts are not limited in to our own cultural and national devices any longer. I hope that you can be a great helper and contributor to sharing the great Korean art world with many people in all corners of the world.

I also like this 'blue' picture. Those eyes of the kids' are like the black pearls in the 'deep blue' ocean. They do not seem to seek others' help. Rather, they seem to adamantly look right at us through a hole, standing outside of the world where we are. They in fact are living in the third world way apart from us, aren't they?

Thank you!

Sean's Art Blog said...

Thank you for your
great review & sincere encouragement.