Joy of flying together

I like this painting.
joy of flying together......
over time, I come to learn why migratory birds are flying in v-shape formation.
this works make me feel comfortable


In Kenya

I took this picture taken in Kariobangi
that is poorest village in Kenya.
I love their sunny-side smile even though
their condition for life in not good.

tatoo art

I like Kim Jun's art work that is based on tatoo
but this tatoo means socially structured second skin on body.


Today I went to the gallery where my
friends are working as a curator.
this painting intrigued me so much
in that self-portraits painting seems to reflect
well about painter's innerscape.


Korean Typo walk on the moonlight

Korean Fashion Designers are swinging Paris Fashion Field.
this works of art is designed by Sang Bong Lee, famous fashion designer who introduce Korea typo into Dress.
Drape and elegant theme of korean traditional character
now in vogue and receive international acclaim from both the public and critics. I like him
personally I know Sang Bong Lee who I will get interview
for my fashion book.


I like this sculpture
Han Ae Kyu is my favorite sculptor
she always make her work using terra-cotta
it's feel is warm and embracing
period of her working as a sculptor
Korea has gone thorough political upheaval
artist also had been influenced by ideology
but she remained silent but that doesn't mean
she is naive and apolotical.
she show us world of mothering through the texture
of land and soil. it is very peaceful


Hello My name is Sean Kim, I'm running my own gallery I'm interested in introducing Korean local artist to the world now I'm working on my art book about and Welcome all the review and information about emerging artist